Negotiate a new status quo

The Human Factor is a strategy firm focused on equipping organizations to negotiate the challenges of a changing world.

Our Approach


Accurate diagnosis, powered by research

Step one, get an accurate starting point. With our process, the best of strategy research and problem formulation meets the front-running theory in multi-stakeholder negotiation for a strategic, research-backed diagnosis of the challenge at hand.


Actionable strategy to negotiate today’s toughest challenges

Feel grounded and confident while jumping the (inevitable) hurdles of big, important change. Set a smart course and get support along the way to negotiate conflicting goals, complexity, and resistance.


Your people, progress toward a better world

Most firms start and end with recommendations. With us, see strategy enacted by your own. Our delivery focuses on equipping your organization’s change-makers with the influence, negotiation, and advocacy chops they need to advance your objectives.

The Result

  • Less conflict in hybrid workforce
  • More dynamic managers in changing organizations
  • Better retention after a restructure
  • Leading your industry with influential innovation
  • Leaders equipped to challenge the status quo

“The process The Human Factor brought to this work was critical — I don’t think we would get anywhere nearly as far, as fast without them.”

Project team member, Federal Agency