The Human Factor is a courage-led group of strategists, experimenters, mediators, & negotiators.

We use applied stakeholder research, real-time solution experimentation, and negotiation and conflict mediation expertise to help organizations build toward a better future and navigate the realities of today. 

To do this work, we start with understanding context. We identify and learn from known (and frequently, the less obvious or hard-to-find) stakeholders to ensure we understand the challenge and the stakeholders that will enable any eventual solution. The resulting insight lets us generate and conduct rapid testing of potential solutions— we test their ability to perform against real-world metrics and de-risk your path forward, within your complex ecosystem and with your people.

Our consulting teams draw from a varied toolkit. We have cross-disciplinary expertise in negotiation, behavioral economics, innovation, and design strategy. We leverage tried-and-true qualitative research and analysis methods. And, we’re developing tech-forward tools to help organizations consider their human factor.

Our Approach

Accurate diagnosis,
powered by stakeholder research

Step one: get an accurate starting point. We map your stakeholder ecosystem and build context around the challenge at hand. Leveraging the best of change and innovation strategy and our expertise in multi-stakeholder negotiation, we examine past attempts, identify critical leverage points within your ecosystem, and uncover the barriers to change.

Key capabilities:

Stakeholder Ecosystem Mapping & Network Analyses 

Qualitative Research & Need Identification

Industry Analysis & Trend Spotting 

Data-Driven Recommendations

Accurate diagnosis, powered by research
Actionable strategy to negotiate today’s toughest challenges

An actionable path forward,
tested and de-risked

We experiment with solutions in your unique context and gather data along the way. We measure reactions, conflicting goals, and resistance, so you can feel grounded and confident when taking the leap towards big, important change. 

Key capabilities:

Data-Driven Solution Design & Prototyping

Rapid Experimentation

Workshop, Focus Group, and Interview Facilitation 

Multi-Party Stakeholder Negotiation

Leadership Alignment & Conflict Mediation

Invested in your people,
progress toward a better world

Most firms start and end with recommendations. With us, see strategy enacted by your own. We will equip your organization’s changemakers with the influence, negotiation, and conflict management chops they need to advance your new objectives.

Key capabilities:

Skill Identification & Training for Implementation

Negotiation, Influence, & Advocacy Training

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Support
Leadership Development
Building Manager Pipeline
Your people, progress toward a better world

Our Recent Work

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“There is so much more to this work than meets the eye and this facilitated process is invaluable to not only idea generation, but opportunity recognition — this is a great way to generate opportunities and develop a pipeline for future work.”

Former Client