The Human Factor is a courage-led organization of strategists, designers, mediators & negotiators.


Dedicated to human-centered change, we partner with organizations taking on big challenges to develop strategies that account for the human factor: negotiating needs of stakeholders, supporting leaders as they navigate the complex work of creating change, engaging with communities to truly understand their needs, and equipping those who will execute with the skills to do it without us.

From negotiating agreement between groups with conflicting goals, breaking through the stalemate of “how it’s always been done,” to implementing organizational change for a more innovative, sustainable culture, The Human Factor exists to equip leaders to challenge the status quo.


Accurate diagnosis, powered by research

Step one: get an accurate starting point. With our process, the best of strategy research and problem formulation meets the front-running theory in multi-stakeholder negotiation for a strategic, research-backed diagnosis of the challenge at hand.

Key capabilities:

Design Strategy & Problem Formulation

Qualitative Research & Need Identification

Stakeholder Identification & Management

Data-Driven Recommendations

Accurate diagnosis, powered by research
Actionable strategy to negotiate today’s toughest challenges

Actionable strategy to negotiate today’s toughest challenges

Feel grounded and confident while jumping the (inevitable) hurdles of big, important change. Set a smart course and get support along the way to negotiate conflicting goals, complexity, and resistance for success on projects that press forward towards a better future for all.

Key capabilities:

Data-Driven Innovation Design & Implementation
Multi-Party Stakeholder Negotiation & Change Management
Leadership Alignment
Conflict Mediation

Rapid Behavioral Experimentation

Your people, progress toward a better world

Most firms start and end with recommendations. With us, see strategy enacted by your own. Our delivery focuses on equipping your organization’s changemakers with the influence, negotiation, and advocacy chops they need to advance your objectives.

Key capabilities:

Skill Identification & Training for Innovation
Negotiation, Influence & Advocacy Training
Conflict Resolution & Mediation Support
Leadership Development
Building Manager Pipeline
Your people, progress toward a better world

Our investment

As a mission-driven organization, we are committed to supporting changemakers across industries and geographies. It’s core to our values to find ways to bring the strategic work that we do to organizations building a better world. Practically, that means that if we are working with a government agency to design programs to rebuild a community, we also look for ways to support local organizations on the ground. If they need strategic support at a steep discount, we’re in. If not, we may decide to support them financially. At our core, we’re about equipping people, in whatever way is most effective.

“There is so much more to this work than meets the eye and this facilitated process is invaluable to not only idea generation, but opportunity recognition — this is a great way to generate opportunities and develop a pipeline for future work.”

Project Lead, US Government

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